Robots at Pepper PARLOR

At Pepper PARLOR, a variety of robots work happily with humans, including the iconic Pepper. New robots are planned to debut in the future. Experience the excitement of a future with robots.


Not only will robots help take customer orders, they will also interact with customers at tables, take photos, and offer new, fun experiences throughout the parlor.


Servi / Servi Plus

Servi・Servi Plus will deliver the dishes you ordered to your seat and sometimes do the bussing as well. Servi・Servi Plus is a new “buddy” for our Pepper PARLOR staff!


Whiz i / Whiz

Whiz, the AI cleaning robot, will rely on its self-driving technology to clean Pepper PARLOR after hours. Robots are playing a starring role, even away from the customers’ view!



Interior Designing

Mr. Yasumichi Morita has designed a comfortable space in which robots exist in harmony with lush greenery. Wood, stone, greenery, metal, soil, and other natural materials abound throughout the interior. One can see pendant lights made with dry moss, extending the sense of a peaceful walk through a forest.

A rhythm created by original furniture and colorful mauve pink, purple, blue, and gray fabrics creates a high-quality lounge space. The earthen walls created by Naoki Kusumi, a plaster craftsperson, and green decorations designed by green artist Yuko Bito are also featured highlights of the café interior.