Gourmet & Sweet Waffles

Mr. Fumio Yonezawa, former sous chef from New York starred restaurant, created a menu that imagines Gourmet Food and Sweet Waffles From Travels Around the World. These dishes are a marriage of recipes and carefully selected ingredients from around the world and options from five different types of waffle dough.
Enjoy a thoroughly creative menu and delicious tastes only on offer at Pepper PARLOR.

Foie gras mousse with homemade-granola


“Wagyu”roast beef, crispy onion


“Rich  Salad”  burrata & fruit tomato caprese


Rice cake ball, raspberry w/ sweet bean puree-butter


Banana caramelize w/ homemade peanut butter


Gourmet Waffles

Best mix Jamon w/ fried egg, stewedpaprika & tomatoes
Fried chicken, NY style butter milk flavor
Tasmanian salmon
(cream cheese with caper)
Creamy mushroom, poached egg, truffle on top
Foie gras mousse with homemade-granola
“Wagyu”roast beef, crispy onion

Sweet Waffles

Banana caramelize w/ homemade peanut butter
Rice cake ball, raspberry w/ sweet bean puree-butter
Citrus w/ maple chocolate cream
Strawberry fondue, milk gelato
Fresh mango, w/ almond jelly

Select your favorite waffle dough and custom toppings. Pepper PARLOR will offer classic waffles, rich cheddar cheese waffles, healthy whole grain waffles, crispy textured rice flour waffles, and vegan chickpea waffles.

Side Menu

The café also provides best selected dishes that go well with gourmet waffles, including a classic Caesar salad, carrot rapées, truffle French fries, sardine confit, herb salads and more. The dishes go even better with our selected craft beers or glass of wines.

Juice & Shake

Premium drinks made with carefully selected ingredients. Combinations only available at Pepper PARLOR. Green tea and amazake, vegan shakes made with coconut, raspberry and Amazon-sourced cacao shakes, healthy carrot and passion fruit juice, and more.


Coffee, lattes, fragrant Mlesna teas, and other soft drinks are also available. Even choose from craft beers, cocktails, and wines from around the world to enhance your meal.

Kids Menu

The parlor will have a full kid’s menu including demi-glace Hamburg steak with fried egg, French fries, mini salads, and seasonal fruit waffles to delight every child.

The Premium

Baristas. Machines. Beans.
The Premium Coffee is a coffee stand that pours the highest care of each element into every cup.

Using carefully selected, high-quality beans from Mi Cafeto, whose mission is to deliver the best coffee to everyone, coffee creator Ryota Nakagawa has created the Pepper PARLOR Premium Blend.

Poursteady barista robot, developed jointly by NASA robot engineers and robot technologists, brew the coffee using the latest technology and programming to perfectly recreate Mr. Nakagawa’s precise skills in pouring, steaming, and other techniques for an enjoyable, high-quality brew every time.


The premium coffee will be served with
an exclusive tumbler by Pepper PARLOR.